More Than a Geek

Computer Overdrive® was started in 2000 by Mark Killgo, former Indy Car chief mechanic. He has taken his precision skills and detailed nature to create a computer business that offers new, used and custom built computers and laptops.

A Complete Service

Computer Overdrive has expert technicians who can supply you with the service you need and want. No other computer shop offers the range of expertise that Computer Overdrive offers. From networking to cases, we’ve got you covered. When you choose Computer Overdrive, you get it all.

Reliable Business Solutions

So your STILL packing all of your papers into that sixty year old file cabinet? Are you tired of hasseling with a messy desk, and headaches of cabinet space? Let Computer Overdrive take care of that. We can make all of those nasty file cabinets dissappear and replace them with a networked computer system that is clean and customized just for your business. Get out of the stone age today, and call Computer Overdrive for a reliable computer setup.