Business Solutions

numbers-1380884765KNtComputer Overdrive® will supply your business with customized computer solutions, taylored to your companies needs. We offer quality solutions for a very reasonable price. Some of our services include:

» Business Grade Networking : Our cisco certified employee’s will assist you with a professional grade network.
» Hot Swap Service : We will make sure none of your files are lost if you ever have any damage done to your system with our hot swap technology.
» Professional Website Designs : We can set your business or company up with a sleek professional website.
» Business Tech Support : We will provide technical support for all your computers in your business at the touch of a phone.
» Custom Built Business Systems : We can fabricate a system that will suit your business’s needs for a great price.

Make sure your business is up to pace with the competition.

          Computer Overdrive® offers a full range of economically priced services in store. Services include: repairs, diagnostics, new and used systems, custom systems, desktops, and laptops. We have professional computer technicians that can solve any problem with ease. Our diagnostic’s lab will check out all of your computer components, free of charge when you come in the shop.